I need to bunk with someone.

This bug problem is getting ridiculous.

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Always am… today’s different.

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From what? If you don’t mind me asking.

Parents… they’re being a bit… yeah.


I could use a distraction…

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Party Prep. || Nessa


Nathan’s face grew a puzzled expression as Tessa basically fluttered her way into the living room. He feared maybe he said something wrong, but she just continued to jot little notes down on the papers. Nathan was now pretty positive that this whole thing was out of his hands. He really didn’t mind at all, Tessa seemed to enjoy her new role as Luxe’s new party planner. His exhaustion was still present, but slowly slipping away, making Nathan pretty edger for this whole thing. Nathan listened carefully, still trying to figure her out. She wasn’t giving away much either. Sure she gave a brief description of her past, but Nathan knows from experience never to judge by only that. Nathan pressed his lips together as he lifted himself from the wooden chair and walks towards the living room area, near Tessa. Nathan wasn’t so sure about revealing exactly what his father did, or much else about his family that he already had. So when the topic of money was brought up, Nathan simply said, “Don’t worry about it.” with a wave of his hand and a unconcerned look on his face. To change the subject Nathan quickly grabbed up one of the papers Tessa had filled with words, bullet points and all sorts of things and started skimming. “Wow, I didn’t know this many people actually lived here.” he said, not meaning it at all, just wanting to change the subject.   

Tessa had chosen to switch locations so that she was sitting in a more favorable position on the floor, and she was glad that Nathan had followed her to the living room where it seemed much more comfortable for her to plan a party. She liked being able to come up with how the thing would work, considering she usually didn’t have any say in things when giving her opinion or sharing ideas. She liked that the man acknowledged the fact that she had some sense in creating one of the most memorable experiences for those in Luxe Villas. He was also a tad bit mysterious, which both intrigued and unnerved the girl. It was fascinating considering the fact that the gossip girl had yet to terrorize his reputation when it was so blatantly obvious that he had some inner and past demons to deal with, and it was unnerving considering she had yet to meet a person who could hide it so well. Especially when the topic of finance came up, he seemed so sure about handling it, that it piqued her curiosity. Also, she wanted to know more about him than just the guy who happens to be her neighbor. She set down her pen, looked up at him from the floor, patted the space next to her and said, “No, sit. How exactly do you plan on getting this all under control? You aren’t part of a drug cartel, right?”

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BRB just getting distracted by Robsten when I’m supposed to be replying.

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In Nathan’s room, planning the party.

In Nathan’s room, planning the party.

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